Recycling – A Personal Experience

By Tom Chryst

Among the missions of the Wild Ones, along with encouraging natural landscaping, is promoting environmentally sound practices. One of these practices — one that everyone can participate in — is recycling. This article is a first-hand memoir of what I think is a successful recycling program. There is nothing difficult or expensive or time-consuming about it; my wife Marilyn and I simply take advantage of readily available opportunities to recycle. Since we have been seriously recycling, we have reduced our trash (which goes to the landfill) from a crammed-full can every week to one only half full, and often we even skip a week. We use a combination of strategies: curbside recycling, non- profit and for-profit recycling centers, and re-use.

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Spring Bend: Yesterday and Today

By Scott Woodbury

Of all the wildflower forays I go on each year, I look forward to Spring Bend the most. Perhaps it’s spring in the air, but more likely, it’s the remarkable array of spring ephemerals that carpet the Missouri River banks and hallows that cut down from the softly rolling hills. It used to be that those hilltops were some of the richest farmland in Missouri, and before that, they were likely covered in prairie. Now most of it is housing.

Only the moist hallows and floodplains could support lush tree growth, and that is where Spring Bend’s rich diversity of native plants have been thriving ever since Lewis and Clark drew water from the spring below the old log house. (This part of the river used to be called Spring House Bend, hence the current name, Spring Bend.). Now there is a six-lane bridge going in overhead: The Page Avenue extension.

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