I-270/I-44 Interchange Planting Report

By Tamie Yegge, Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center

You may recall that last December, a team of over 50 volunteers converged on the North and South sides of the 1-270/1-44 interchange to plant Missouri native grass and forb seed. The native seed was mixed with an annual rye grass which was meant to quickly sprout, grow and protect the soil from erosion while the native seedlings developed.

The goal of the project was to reduce the amount of fescue along the roadways, therefore, reducing the amount of mowing required by MoDOT crews, and also to re-establish a remnant of our past. Eventually we’ll see there a beautiful, flowing field of tall grasses interspersed with the subtle beauty of native wildflowers. This has worked very well, although you probably won’t notice anything happening on those sites for another year or so.

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The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund

By Tom and Marilyn Chryst

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund awards annual grants to places of learning for projects that reflect the Wild Ones message of creating natural landscapes using native plants and environmentally sound practices, and appreciating humankind’s proper place in the web of nature.

The fund was developed by Lorrie Otto, who is one of the founders of Wild Ones and the 36th inductee to the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She is regarded as a conservation luminary along with the likes of Aldo Leopold and John Muir. At 80 years of age, Lorrie shows no sign of slowing down in her quest for a healed and respected natural environment.

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