2011 Landscape Challenge media coverage

Landscape Challenge recipients 2011

Wild Ones President Ed Schmidt congratulates Neil and Erica Rose, recipients of the 2011 Grow Native! Landscape Challenge

A Landscape Challenge article and photos appeared in yesterdays’s Suburban Journal.  You can access the article online.

Along with the text are photos of Diane Donovan, Jeanne Cablish, Scott Woodbury, and homeowner Neil Rose.

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Milkweed caution

I want to share a cautionary tale from my mother, who is a native plant gardener and Wild Ones member in Kentucky.  Earlier this week, she cut some tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica).  Shortly afterwards, her eyes began to burn, and her vision gradually got blurry.  By the time she went to the ophthalmologist the next morning, the only letter she could read on the eye chart was the big “E” at the top.

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