2013 Landscape Challenge update

By Jeanne Cablish

The 2014 Landscape Challenge planting is this coming weekend. I thought some pictures from our creation last year would be an inspiration for this Saturday. Dawn and Peter have done a great job maintaining the plantings. Below are some pictures from this summer.

Join us on Saturday for this year’s Landscape Challenge planting. It’s fun, a great learning opportunity, and you’ll be helping to create another link in what Doug Tallamy calls Networks for Life (video).

3 thoughts on “2013 Landscape Challenge update

  1. Thank you Jeanne for posting pictures – I was going to take some this weekend at the one year mark 🙂 . We love the yard and all of the life it draws in – so many bees, butterflies, moths, other insects and birds. My neighbors love it too, they have all commented on how nice it is and how much activity always seems to be going on. The rain garden has had something new happening throughout the spring and summer, has been fun to watch, and I appreciate the effort to design it this way. I got to see the hummingbirds using the cardinal flower, the monarchs and other butterflies on the milkweed, the goldfinches taking seeds from the coreopsis, the bees on the blazing stars, the beautyberries and choke berries ripening for the birds, and the bunnies hiding in the rain garden. It has been a great year of learning and experiencing how much my yard now has to offer!

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