2016 Landscape Challenge Launch: Application process open


2015 Landscape Challenge planting day

For the eleventh year in a row, Grow Native!, Shaw Nature Reserve, and St. Louis Wild Ones are looking for a front yard that will showcase landscaping with native plants.

In addition, our main Landscape Challenge page has been updated to show a history of the event with a new slideshow. If you haven’t seen it recently, take an inspiring look back at what we’ve accomplished.

To be eligible for the native landscape makeover in 2016, participants must:

  • Live in ZIP code 63119, 63126, or 63123
  • Have had a Bring Conservation Home evaluation of your property
  • Agree to maintain planted area, keeping it free of weeds
  • Use only native plants in the project area
  • Allow visits by project partners
  • Have a makeover area that is at least 12 feet by 12 feet
  • Prepare the site for planting prior to September 24, 2016
  • Be willing to be interviewed on camera
  • Grant permission for the sponsors to use images of the project in educational efforts

2012 - Former St. Louis Wild Ones President Ed Schmidt presents the yard sign to the homeowners

2012 – Former St. Louis Wild Ones President Ed Schmidt presents the yard sign to the homeowners

One lucky homeowner will be selected for a front-yard, native-landscape makeover. The sponsors will provide the services of a professional native-landscape designer and volunteers to install plants into the yard. In addition, the sponsors will provide native plants and other landscape materials. The homeowner will prepare the site prior to installation.


Planting day is Saturday, September 24, 2016. We will be recruiting volunteers closer to that date to assist with the effort.

Eligible applicants have been contacted separately via e-mail.

The deadline for applications is May 29, 2016. We will review all submissions and get back to you by late June.

Forward this blog post to someone you know who meets the qualifications to encourage them or, if you qualify, apply today! You may be the lucky winner of a landscape makeover!

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