Participation opens Wed. 11/2 for our group MDC seedling order, 2016-17

Wild Ones members wrap seedlings to give away at Earth Day

A previous year’s seedling wrapping crew

By Dawn Weber
Board Member-at-Large, Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter

Each year, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) offers Missouri residents a variety of tree and shrub seedlings for reforestation, windbreaks, and erosion control, as well as for wildlife food and cover.

MDC provides mainly one-year-old, bare-root seedlings. A few species are two years old, and they are noted as 2-0 in the pricing chart. The size of the seedlings varies greatly depending on the species, which are available in bundles of 10 and 25.

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Fall Honeysuckle Sweep Week is here! Oct 29–Nov 6, 2016

Bill Hoss with a chainsaw and bush honeysuckle

Bill Hoss attacking the invasive bush honeysuckle during the spring honeysuckle sweep

In an effort to energize the greater St. Louis region around improving habitat for our native plants and animals, area conservation organizations join together to spotlight invasive bush honeysuckle and the need to remove it so that large swaths of land can become productive areas for native habitat, recreation, and enjoyment. To that end, organizations will host public events and volunteer removal days during Honeysuckle Sweep Week.

The goals are to raise public awareness about the need for bush honeysuckle removal, highlight the importance of replanting with native plants, and remove bush honeysuckle.

There are several events happening around the area. We are highlighting two here and hope you are able to help!

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October 2016 monthly gathering highlights

People walking along path

On the tour at Prem’s country home

October 8, 2016
Our monthly gathering was held at the country home of Prem Barton in Calhoun County’s Golden Eagle, Illinois. Marsha Gebhardt welcomed 25 members including members of the Southwest Illinois Chapter. A delicious potluck lunch was enjoyed by all with homemade spring rolls prepared by Prem.

Prem describes how she got started with nature. “After so many years of ‘city living’ and working like a maniac, I have turned ‘natural’. I always liked nature. Wanting to have a house on the bluff, I searched and found one. Beautiful setting! What’s next about nature? Wildflowers!”

Prem has experimented with native and non-native plantings over the years. She reports that many exotics died, moles killed the turf grass, and then she discovered native plants. Her best survival rate is with natives.

Much of Prem’s knowledge about native plants came from attending Shaw Nature Reserve’s Native Plant School and James Trager’s plant ecology walks. Prem credits Scott Woodbury and James Trager as her first teachers and they continue to be. She is a weekly horticulture volunteer in the Whitmire Wildflower Garden.

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Collecting advice for our seed exchange on Nov. 2


Eastern blazing star (Liatris scariosa)

By Dawn Weber
Board Member-at-Large, Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter

The November gathering is almost here, and we want lots of participation in this year’s seed exchange. While you don’t need to bring seeds in order to take some home, more seeds means more sharing!

Never collected seeds from your garden before? Here’s how:

Where can I collect seed?
You must have permission to collect from private and public spaces, which can be complicated. Collecting in your own yard is easiest and best, as those are *your* plants, no permission required.

Are the seeds ready to be collected?
Is the plant dispersing the seeds on its own already? If so, it is ready for collection. Seed heads are ready when they’re brown and dried. Seed pods should start to split when you squeeze them.

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Reminder – Please help plant trees Sat. Oct. 22 at Creve Coeur Park

More volunteers with shovels

Volunteers at Mallard Lake
Photo courtesy of Mitch Leachman, the Executive Director of the St. Louis Audubon Society and coordinator of the Bring Conservation Home program

By Dawn Weber
Board Member-at-Large, Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter

Volunteers are needed for an important tree planting at Creve Coeur Park on Saturday, October 22. Please see details below.

As one of the partners in this Mallard Lake project, we provide input through Wes Boshart, Vice-President, who attends the project meetings. In addition, we are providing volunteers and have welcomed a grant request as this exciting habitat restoration continues to develop.

Registration is requested for this event. Please provide your:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Number attending

to Mitch Leachman at or call (314) 599-7390.

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New Announcements section on the website

Signs about yard certification as native plant habitat

Certification signage

Our Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter website has a new section for announcements located on the top right-hand side below the banner photo and the icons for following our Facebook and Twitter accounts. This sidebar section shows up on our homepage and our main blog page.

These members-only announcements or short items of interest are currently in testing with two items listed at this time. The idea is to leave each tidbit posted for about two weeks so be sure to look regularly.

If you would like to submit an announcement suggestion, email it to Please keep submissions short to a word length of about 200 characters or less. Items appropriate might include recent yard certifications and other awards received, requests for help to remove invasive honeysuckle, plant rescues, yard to-do reminders, or pollinator updates.

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Our chapter’s photo contest entrants and winner revealed

By Marcia K. Myers
Blog Editor, Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter

Four members from our chapter entered this year’s 2016 Wild Ones Photo Contest. In a previous blog post, we listed the names of the photos but not who took which photo. Now that the contest is over, all can be revealed.

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