Build a rain barrel stand, or bid on this one

A rain barrel on a stand increases the water flow

Rain barrel and stand on my garage.

By Ed Schmidt

A rain barrel stand raises the faucets on your rain barrel to a convenient height and increases the water pressure by raising the water to a higher level. A barrel of water weighs over 400 pound, so strength is important.

I have built four of them from recycled lumber. Most recently, I had some 2×10 rough-sawed cedar that were the floor joists of a deck that needed replacing. The only materials I needed to purchase were ¼-inch bolts to tie it all together.

Here’s how to build your own:

1. The tools needed include a saw, large square, tape measure or yardstick, and an electric drill with a ¼-inch bit. I also used a table saw to cut some of the wood lengthwise into 1-inch boards. I like to start my drilled holes with a drill press so they are more perpendicular to the wood surface.

2.  The pieces include 4 posts, 4 top braces, 4 bottom braces, and (not shown) boards to lay across the top.

3-5. Two opposite sides are constructed first, then joined by the third side and finally the fourth. Note that two bolts are used on each joint for increased strength.

6. The finished product.

I built this rain barrel for the silent auction now going on for the Wild Ones annual conference in Wisconsin on August 15-17. Two of our members will be attending and will take the stand to the national meeting. If the winning bid is from the St. Louis area, they will bring it back!

You can make a bid online. Bidding ends August 17.

3 thoughts on “Build a rain barrel stand, or bid on this one

  1. Great job, Ed.

    Our downspout is on the edge of slope, and I have connected three rain barrels together to take advantage of the big roof above. Each barrel is on two 16″ x 16″ cement pavers.
    If I raised our barrels, I might lengthen and set two of the legs at an angle for stability. I might also make a larger multilevel stage for the three barrels.
    Craigslist or Free-cycle might be good sources for used decking.

  2. The pad for the one on my garage is a 20 by 20 inch concrete pad from Lowe’s. It’s about two inches thick, maybe a little less.

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