Deadline to join our group MDC seedling order is Wednesday, Nov. 16

Wild Ones members wrap seedlings to give away at Earth Day

A previous year’s seedling wrapping crew (volunteers)

Members of Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter can participate in our group seedling order through the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), which is offering mainly one-year-old, bare-root seedlings. Ordering with our group provides the opportunity to order less than the minimum number of seedlings per species.

When you review the catalog, note that our WIld Ones group order will be only for the native species, primarily the shrubs and smaller trees.

After deciding which plants to purchase, you can order through the Wild Ones online signup sheet. If you would like seedlings, just enter your name at the top of a column on the Wild Ones order form and the number you want for each seedling.  If you have problems with the spreadsheet, contact Ana Grace, or 314-962-2816  or Betty Struckhoff, or 314-966-8404 to place your order.

The seedlings are sold for $1 each, to cover the cost of shipping and offset the cost of tree donations our Chapter makes in the spring. Payment is collected when the seedlings are distributed in April, because the nursery is not always able to deliver what we ask for, and adjustments need to be made.

Also, MDC has seedlings available for larger trees.  If you would like some, and are willing to order in multiples of 10, we can include them in this order.  Contact Ana or Betty to order.

Deadline: The last date to request seedlings through the group order form is Wednesday, November 16 at 11:59 p.m.

Note: You must have an active Wild Ones membership to participate in our group order. If you’ve been thinking about joining and want to get some seedlings, contact Fran Glass via our website to join Wild Ones.