Enjoying nature on vacation

Linda and I have been traveling the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park was breathtaking.  We saw elk amongst the flowers on the Alpine tundra.  There was snow a few feet away.Elk grazing in Rocky Mountain National Park

We enjoyed the Steamboat Springs Botanical Garden.  We saw many plants native to the high altitude environment.Steamboat Springs Botanical Garden flowersThis morning we went to Fish Creek Falls and they were worth the hike. The falls drop 280 feet top to bottom with the main falls having a fifty foot drop.

Waterfall on Fish Creek

5 thoughts on “Enjoying nature on vacation

  1. In my younger day I made several backpacking trips in the Colorado mountains. One of my favorite rewards was seeing the flowers in the alpine meadows.

  2. WOW! Thanks for sharing your trip! The pictures offer wonderful places to visit from our computer.

  3. I have been there a number of times myself. Because of the short growing season above 9000 feet, almost all of their flowers bloom in July. It is a great time to be there if you can tolerate the altitude.
    Kathy Bildner

  4. I just got back from Seattle last week and have pictures of hikes in the Northern Cascades. I’ll bring them to the Sept. meeting.

  5. I have not been to the area around Steamboat Springs for many years and had forgotten about Fish Creek Falls. That is a beautiful area as is the Yampa River Valley area as you proceed further West, but in a more rugged dessert sense. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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