Introducing a new board member, Marypat Ehlmann

Pictured on the right, Marypat Ehlmann, our newest board member, with Fran Glass

We are celebrating the addition of Marypat Ehlmann to our board! Equally good news is the fact that she has begun serving as our volunteer coordinator. Below is her description of the paths that brought her to us and some of the experience she brings with her, which she is now using to further the mission of our Wild Ones – St. Louis Chapter.

Connecting with nature is what makes my heart sing. My path into natives began with classes through the Native Plant School at Shaw Nature Reserve, about ten years ago. After purchasing my home in Maplewood, I began applying what I was learning about native plants. Each year since, another section of my yard space has been turned into a garden supporting native plants and all of the pollinators it brings. Through the Bring Conservation Home program, my yard has a gold-level certification. Hands-on education is my style of learning, so when not getting my hands dirty in my own yard, I am helping others, especially children, learn about native plants and pollinators. I volunteer regularly with a number of local organizations devoted to nature, children, and education between the two. Adding Wild Ones to my list of favorites is just a natural.

Welcome Marypat by supporting her work as our volunteer coordinator. The new Dig In! volunteer signup page is now live on the website. Head over to the new page to check out opportunities that are available and see details on each event and the spots that are available. We look forward to working with you to spread the word about the importance of native plants. 

3 thoughts on “Introducing a new board member, Marypat Ehlmann

  1. As a naturalist & volunteer, Marypat is the bomb! Many St Louisans have already hugely benefited from her care & service. Lucky Wild Ones!

  2. How wonderful! I’ve watched Marypat do her nature magic teaching children and adults. Her knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and charisma will add much to the chapter.

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