Landscape Challenge completed in record time

By Marcia Myers

Volunteers planting and mulching

Volunteers planting and mulching

Weather conditions were perfect for the Landscape Challenge 2015 planting, with just enough previous rain to make the ground easy to dig and an early morning temperature in the 50’s on a sunny day. As volunteers arrived, designer Jeanne Cablish placed native plants from Missouri Wildflowers Nursery in the designated locations.

Homeowners Rosalie and Terry had prepared the site in advance and greeted volunteers. In addition, Scott Woodbury, Curator of Whitmire Wildflower Garden at Shaw Nature Reserve, was on hand to provide guidance on planting and overseeing the project along with Jeanne and the homeowners.

Amazingly, with everyone’s enthusiastic digging, the plants were placed, dirt was filled in and mulch distributed for the combination shade and sun garden area in only an hour and a half. The event was surveyed by the homeowner’s pet corn snake, which was sunning in a nearby small tree.

Refreshments included delicious cake by Dawn Weber as well as bagels, cream cheese, and coffee.

After the traditional dirty-hands group photo, Ed Schmidt, St. Louis Wild Ones president, gave a short talk and presented a volunteer-signed copy of Dave Tylka’s book to Rosalie and Terry. Landscape Challenge is a program of Grow Native!, St. Louis Wild Ones, and Shaw Nature Reserve.

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