October 2012 meeting minutes

Wild Ones members tour the Hummels property for the October, 2012 meeting

Touring the Hummels’ woodland garden

Twenty-five members met at Joan and Larry Hummel’s property for our annual Saturday potluck lunch membership meeting.  Joan led a tour of her woodland garden and Larry’s prairie.  The Hummels purchased their property in 1995.  Larry described experiences they have had in restoring the property to a native ecosystem and shared stories of the wildlife they have enjoyed.  Ed Schmidt thanked the Hummels for their hospitality and led the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Membership – Betty Struckhoff
Betty circulated a membership list for all to check and verify their information.

Prairie Day at Shaw Nature Reserve – Marilyn Chryst
Marilyn reported that 4 members and 1 non-member helped with seed packing and running our booth.  With a prairie-related game, we gave away 510 packs of wildflower seeds.

Landscape Challenge
Our 2012 Landscape Challenge planting at the home of a young family in a lovely neighborhood in the Normandy School District was enjoyable.

September Board Meeting
Ed reported that the Board discussed ways to use our funds most effectively at the September Board meeting.  We will match 10% on National Wild Ones fund appeal donations up to $1200.

Also, we are exploring options for increasing our funding to Shaw Nature Reserve.

Wild Ones members enjoy a potluck lunch

Wild Ones like food!

November 2012 Membership Meeting
Our November potluck dinner and seed exchange meeting will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, located at Adams Ave and Kirkwood Road.  New this year will be a drawing from the year’s volunteers for a $25 gift certificate to one of several places to be chosen by the winner.

2013 Membership Meetings
The February and March 2013 meetings will be held at Richmond Heights’ community center.  The March meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of the month.

Forest Park Volunteer Opportunity Day – Brian Hall
The Forest Park 14th annual honeysuckle removal day is scheduled for Saturday, November 3, 9am – noon.

Next meeting: November 7, 6pm
First Presbyterian Church, Kirkwood
100 E. Adams Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122

Potluck dinner and seed exchange. Bring seeds to share if you have them, and a food dish.

For directions see www.stlwildones.org/calendar.


Recorded by:  Marilyn Chryst
Edited by:  Fran Glass, Secretary