Pipevine caterpillar update

Pipevine swallowtail butterfly larva on a leaf

Photo by Megan McCarty from Wikipedia

By Peggy Whetzel

Things have changed in the aquariums overnight. Rather suddenly, the pipevine quit vanishing so quickly and several chrysalises have formed, so there’s less pressure to provide food. It’s becoming a “pupation station” instead. I’d heard the caterpillars would eat for five weeks, but these finished in about half that time.

I’m planning to release at least a few of the end-stage caterpillars that have stopped eating and seem to be looking for a place to pupate. I have some good protected sites in the yard.

I’m going to be focusing on the caterpillars and chrysalises this evening, so I won’t make it to the meeting after all. If you’d like to pick up a caterpillar or chrysalis, please contact me:

Peggy Whetzel
636-373-4179 (Texts only. My phone pretends it doesn’t know who I am and won’t give me my messages or even tell me who called.)

2 thoughts on “Pipevine caterpillar update

  1. Thanks for offering the caterpillars and chrysalis. I only have a small pipe vine, maybe 8 leaves. Maybe next year. I hope I can have this problem in the future.

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