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  1. I didn’t get there until afternoon but I did get a copy that were on my list. A turtlehead and an obiedent plant. This is my third year going to that event and my garden area is much better because of it. I’m a novice to all of this but so do enjoy it.

  2. I worked at the sale. I bought a Monkey flower from our booth and a Fremont Leather flower from Merv Wallace.
    6/4/10 my Queen of the Prairie is starting to bloom. One of my favorites.
    Can we show photos on this site?
    Question about my Prairie rose vine-it bloomed this year for the first time and the flowers have spots on them. Pale pink round spots inside the darker pink petal. I wonder what is wrong with it?

  3. E-mail me the photos and I will see what I can do. I may have to just include your photos in the e-mail of Bills newsletter.

  4. New category: Monarch butterflies

    There is an alarming decline in the number of Monarch butterflies in my unofficial Monarch Waystation garden this year. Since Kathy Bildner first taught me how to find Monarch eggs in 2006, each May I have seen Monarchs laying eggs on my Common Milkweed plants, have found many Monarch eggs and caterpillars. However I have found none this year. Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone know the cause?

  5. Fran
    I have no Monarchs yet this year either. In my yard they seem to come later in the summer.
    My neighborhood organization has adopted the NE corner of Manchester and McCausland (There used to be a used car lot there). We are turning it into a garden. Larry and I adopted the center front section to put in native plants. We hope to educate people in the group to appreciate native plants.
    Kathy Bildner

  6. In the 3-4 years since Fran gave me a single common milkweed I am yet to see monarch eggs or predation even though the number opf milkweed plants tends to increase exponentially and I pull some of them. During the Richmond heights Garden Club garden tour this past weekend, both a monarch and a (black) swallowtail were buzzing my prairie plantings.

  7. I have not seen a Monarch or any eggs or caterpillers yet this year either. Last year I had dozens by this time.

  8. In response to Kathy’s comment on June 5 regarding educating neighbors to appreciate native plants, what a wonderful idea to do so in a community garden! I look forward to seeing it. Kathy, please keep us posted in this blog as to the responses you receive.

    As I have gardened with natives in my backyard for a number of years, I have educated adjacent neighbors and friends about the benefits of native plant landscaping. This fall I hope to display natives in the front yard so more people can see, enjoy and learn. I plan to use some signage to educate those passers-by that I don’t talk to personally.

  9. Since you mentioned community gardens — a man walked into the Sierra Club office yesterday and asked if we had a list of native plants. I gave him a MO Wldflr Nursery catalog and a brochure about GrowNative. He is involved in a community garden in Clifton Heights and they want to plant natives.

  10. Happy New Year, All!
    I saw two or three monarchs in our yard this summer, but they came later than people thought they were due. Was the growing season off kilter due to all the rain we had?
    I am just starting to grow milkweeds but have other established prairie plants. Within our neighborhood there are several other native gardens and Blackburn Park and the Jacob’s house (now for sale), are a few blocks away.
    We are getting foundation work done on our house soon, as well as a foundation drainage system dug along the front of the house. I am having that channeled into a series of rain gardens I will be creating along the west facing hillside. I intend to fill it with all the plants that butterflies and birds love.
    The way I see it, the more rest stops we create, the better chance they have of surviving, and in my experience, each well made garden encourages more and more in a neighborhood and city. Webster Groves Park Department staff are using lots of natives now. We also saw a number of monarchs at Blackburn late this summer.
    I have lots of baby trees in my yard, and in the spring I am going to start offering them to neighbors and friends and WO’s who are interested.
    Anybody want to help with the raingarden?

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