Spring is Sprung!

yellow and red flowers

Vernal Witch Hazel

By Amy Redfield

Many thanks to those who encouraged me to be patient with my witch hazel. A mere three years after planting, I am rewarded with blossoms.

Does anyone else have a sign of Spring to share?

4 thoughts on “Spring is Sprung!

  1. did robins winter over? In any event, I’m spotting pairs. One stalking another so I’m guessing its dating season. This means spring to those of us who grew up in northern Indiana.

  2. I brought a few sprigs of my one and only forsythia bush into the house and into a clear vase of water and into a sunny window. The buds are swelling and showing some yellow color.

    Yes, Spring is close around the corner.

  3. Yes–I have a sign of spring! A large piece of flashing from my roof, along with a piece of siding was torn loose by the storm on Thurs.! “When spring comes in like a lion…..” hopefully…..

  4. In my yard I went and pushed the dead leaves back from the dwarf larkspur bed, saw nothing. They are usually the first to come up.
    I have noticed birds taking dry twigs into the bird houses. I hope they are building for warmth. It is way too early for baby birds. They will freeze.

    Outside my yard, we were on the St Francis River over the weekend and heard and saw three large groups of geese flying north. It gave me hope.
    We also saw several morning cloak butterflies flying around after they came out of hiding on a warm sunny day.

    Kathy Bildner

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