Thank you to Forest Park volunteers

We received this thank you from Forest Park Forever for our help with the honeysuckle removal project.  With six members and three potential members, St. Louis Wild Ones were well-represented!  See more photos on our Shutterfly site.

Wild Ones at the 2011 Forest Park honeysuckle removal project

2011 Honeysuckle Removal Volunteers:

Thanks to the combined efforts of 50 plus volunteers and a contingency of FPF staff, we had another successful Honeysuckle Removal project day. Approximately one (1) acre of thick Bush Honeysuckle was cut, treated and removed from two areas of the park; north and south along the Metrolink tracks just east of the foot bridge paved path.

Because this area had been previously neglected from a land management point of view, Honeysuckle had overgrown many of our native species. Now the area provides a much better view, as well as better habitat, for native species to flourish. The removal of Honeysuckle in this part of the Park should provide more sunlight to the woodland floor, allowing for better germination and growth of some of our favorite wildflowers and native grass species. This in turn should provide better opportunities for many pollinator species such as honeybees and butterflies as well as foraging habitat for birds and mammals. In particular, we have documented a Barred Owl near the project site. The newly opened under-canopy will provide better sight lines for species like owls to observe and capture prey.

Thank you again for your time, service and stewardship.

Wishing you and yours a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving holiday,
Peter VanLinn III
Forest Park Forever, Park Ecologist