Thank you to the Landscape Challenge volunteers

From Dawn Weber, winner of this year’s Landscape Challenge

Thank you so much for everything!

Wild Ones working on the 2013 Landscape ChallengeThank you to all of the volunteers who came on planting day. It was amazing to see so many people show up and work together to get all those plants in the ground so quickly! In addition to the planting help, I appreciated that so many asked about my interest in gardening, birds and conservation, offering words of encouragement and sharing tidbits of information that I can use in the future.

Special thanks to Scott and Jeanne for their support, answering questions ahead of the planting, and those that I know will come up as time goes on.

Site of the 2013 Landscape Challenge after the plantingSome of my extended family came by to see the yard yesterday, and brought up that they wanted to make improvements to their own yards, which was a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of native plants.

Many folks from up and down the street have stopped by to tell me that they like the landscaping, and when I explain the project to them, they’re excited about what it will bring to the neighborhood.

I’m very grateful for the experience so far,and I look forward to the insects, birds and beauty to follow :).


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2 thoughts on “Thank you to the Landscape Challenge volunteers

  1. Dawn, Feel free to mention Wild Ones monthly meetings as a source of information for anyone wanting to incorporate native plants into their landscape. The calendar of meetings can be accessed from the main page of this website, The calendar for 2014 will be up before the end of the year. One need not be a member to attend Wild Ones meetings. Also, keep on the lookout for further information on the March 21-22 workshop for homeowners. Sponsors include Wild Ones, St. Louis Audubon, and Shaw Nature Reserve.
    Ed Schmidt, president of the St. Louis chapter of Wild Ones

  2. Will do Ed! Hope you’ve had the chance to come by and see all of the work. I’m looking forward to the spring workshop 🙂

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