Tips on planting seeds

Native plant seeds in plastic bagsHere are Kathy Bildner’s tips on planting seeds:

  • Plant seeds in the late fall or early winter.
  • The seeds must over-winter in the ground.
  • Cover with screen or rocks so the squirrels won’t dig them up.
  • Label the site so you remember what and where you planted.
  • If you plant the seeds in a pattern (circle, square, triangle, etc.), when they emerge in the spring, you will know what they are.¬†Weed everything else away.
  • Most native plants are perennial, and will not bloom until the 2nd year. They will come back year after year for you to enjoy.

Additional tips from Shaw Nature Reserve, including what seed treatments are needed by different species.

Perennial germination database – specific instructions on how to germinate *lots* of different species.