Update on Dogtown planter project

Dogtown planter 1 June

Dogtown planter – this end is doing well
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By Kate Lovelady

Earlier this year, St. Louis Wild Ones gave the Dogtown Eco-Village group a grant for a landscape design for the well-traveled intersection of Clayton and Tamm Avenues. There are several popular restaurants and bars nearby.

Jeanne Cablish designed an all-native garden for the area, which is dry and sunny. The Richmond Heights Garden Club generously provided a grant for most of the plants, and several Wild Ones members donated plants as well.

The first part of the garden, in an 80-foot-long median planter, was completed in May 2014 and it’s looking great! Besides the coneflowers and wild quinine that you can see blooming here, the Missouri primrose and phlox have already bloomed.

Dogtown planter - sad end

This end of the planter is struggling

Oddly, although most of the planter is flourishing, one end is really struggling. We assume the dirt in that end is poorer, but we don’t really know the problem.

Overall, the garden is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood that will only get better each year. And the Dogtown Eco-Village is working on adding signage to educate folks about native plants.

The next time you’re in the area, stop by and see it yourself.

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  1. This was a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it to your neighborhood association.

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