Urban wildlife

From Ed

July 4.  This morning while I was setting up the sprinkler in my vegetable garden and walking past the birdbath, there was a huge ruckus in my northernmost prairie bed (the one with the cup plant).  Moments later a deer cleared the fence at the rear of the property and headed west.  I phoned the police, thinking they would want to know.  The dispatcher informed me that trespass laws do not apply to deer!  I was able to find a place among the prairie plants where the deer had been lying.

Saw the first goldfinches in quite some time in the yard yesterday.

What do you see in your yard?

4 thoughts on “Urban wildlife

  1. Hi Ed, That’s good to know; “no trespassing” laws do not apply to deer! This is a good week for my garden and I took some photos this morning. However, the WHITE squirrel that shares my and my neighbors yard has eluded my lense for several weeks now.
    I always plant a few zennias for the goldfinch. They like to pull out the petals, to which the still tender seed is attached.
    The butterflies are scarce in my yard this year. How about yours?

  2. Hi Mary, Some butterflies, but not a lot. I bought the butterfly and moth book from Powder Valley recently, but I am still pretty lame in my identification efforts. I do have hoards of bumblebees on the wild bergamont.
    I’ve been trapping squirrels in my tomato patch and relocating them. Twelve in 6 days but none the last two days. No white ones.

  3. I live near Ed. I cannot imagine a deer in our neighborhood. It found the best place to rest, looked like home to him/her. I wonder if it came down the metrolink space or up Deer creek.
    The goldfinches in my yard hang out on the purple coneflowers (all three kinds). They are riding them down to the ground and picking out the seeds. I see them on the coreopsis too.
    I saw my first Monarch butterfly yesterday.
    Kathy Bildner.

  4. I told Ed that Richmond Heights doesn’t have deer, it’s too populous. I asked him if he was seeing things. If he was and he saw a white rabbit he should not follow it down a hole. Alice did and things got weird!!

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