Your Yard is Evil

by Jeanne Cablish

Here is a fun video on why we should not grow a lawn….he is partial to growing veggies….just substitute natives when he says veggies!   I enjoyed it, hope you do too!

Oh and the pictures shown here are of the 2010 Landscape Challenge yard this spring…. seems appropriate.  Click any thumbnail for a larger image, then click the enlarged picture to advance to the next.

7 thoughts on “Your Yard is Evil

  1. Just watched “Your Yard is Evil’ video. It is FABULOUS!!! WOW! If only everyone got this message.

  2. We have owned 4 homes in our married life and every time we have taken out the grass and planted/replaced with something more sustainable. When we owned a beach house we fought for having the common areas left natural (sand, scrub pine, beach grass, etc.) we lost as my fellow condo owners wanted grass! They are still spending thousands of dollars maintaining this mistake. We sold our condo.

    • Mario,
      I “know” you from CafeMontgomery- and just had to say I love this link!
      Thanks so much! Have always enjoyed your contributions- and feel we are kindred spirits!
      Ps I have removed all but a small patch of lawn, and am especially proud of a self-seeded little understory area between my house and my neighbors that now has dogwood, sassafras and other nice natives. Her response? “I hate that- when are your going to do something about it?!” (Ummm never?! I love it!)

  3. This is an awesome video! One question, though: Is there a transcript for it somewhere? My boyfriend is deaf, and I think he’d really love this.


    • I did some research and discovered you can click the CC icon in the menu below most YouTube videos to enable Closed Captioning. This video doesn’t have that, however, there is also an option to “Transcribe Audio.” John Green talks very fast and the transcription is not always accurate, but it’s a start. Hope that helps

  4. We – the human race have gone mad !!! … at least in the rich countries !!!
    We use fresh drinking water to water front lawns, flush our toilets and use it to pump oil from the grounds. Not too many people think of the day when we have no more water to drink, grow food and raise the farm animals we LOVE during BBQ season.

  5. I think that it would be great if I could plant veggies instead of waisting money on watering the lawn and paying twice a month to have it cut. My HOA will not let me take the lawn out and plant instead something healthy that I can eat and enjoy.

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