Articles wanted

Welcome to the resurrection of the St Louis Wild Ones Newsletter.  The purpose of this publication is to exchange ideas and share experiences among the members.  I have volunteered to edit it, but you need to write it.  Send your articles and ideas to me through the contact form.

Tell us about your experiments, experiences and expectations.  What is your favorite wildflower?  What was your most challenging plant?  Where and when are there beautiful wild flowers displays in our parks?  What animals (such as the legendary white skunk) have visited your plants or reproduced in your garden habitat?  Why did you start growing wildflowers?  What do your neighbors think about your unruly patch?  Describe your experiences at meetings, plant sales and on trips to other areas.  Review a book.  Write a poem.

I need your ideas, but I can help with the wording.  Let me know if you: a.) believe you want your article edited, b.) wouldn’t mind if it were edited, or c.) will teepee my house if I change a single word.

Note: for the detail oriented, I have numbered this edition Volume 11.  The first edition of the St. Louis Wild Ones was in 1999, so I used that for the start date.  Someday, someone will search in vain for the newsletters for the last 7 or 8 years.