Monarch butterfly mystery

By Kathy Bildner

This female Monarch was very busy jumping from unopened flower to flower. I thought she was looking for nectar but was not succeeding so moved on quickly. Looking closer, I saw the eggs.

I have never seen them put the eggs on a flower. Usually it is underneath a leaf. Anybody ever seen this behavior before?

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12 thoughts on “Monarch butterfly mystery

  1. Can you clarify what plant this is when time?

    Very nice photos. Thanks

  2. Kathy, I have seen them lay legs on stems and tops of leaves but never on buds. Great photos and documentation. I’m glad you had your camera.

  3. Great photos, Kathy! I have seen them lay eggs on flower buds and have a couple photos. They eat every part of the plant so your female was most efficient. The tiny caterpillars will be hidden as the flower opens!

  4. Please keep an eye on the eggs! May I share these photos with my friends on FB?

    • Sure. I love watching the butterflies lay eggs. It seems I usually miss it, but this time I walked out at the right time.

  5. Magnificent! Thanks! I’ve always wanted to see this happen and now I almost have!

  6. Great pictures – I’m jealous.

    I’ve had Monarchs lay eggs on every part of the plant. They seem to prefer the newest and freshest parts of the plant. Like you,I’ve had multiple eggs on one plant also, contrary to the common one egg per plant. I’ve also had older cats eat the new eggs.

    • Thanks Tom T, I have suspected young caterpillars may eat unhatched eggs.

  7. Update on the Monarch caterpillars.
    I have 4 chrysalis’ in my kitchen. I never saw any caterpillars hatch out on the flower I photoed.
    I am sure she laid at least 15 eggs. I only found 4 larva.

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