2013 Sustainable Backyard Tour – host registration

Sustainable Backyard Tour logoNow in its 3rd year, the Sustainable Backyard Tour is a free, self-guided, open-house-style tour of sustainable outdoor residential spaces around St. Louis. It is a unique opportunity to see first hand how others have integrated sustainable living practices into their little piece of Earth.

This year’s tour will be Sunday, June 23. If you or someone you know has a great example of outdoor sustainable living—from organic gardening to rain gardens and mud ovens—consider being a stop on this year’s Tour. Register online.

To volunteer for the tour, either as a docent or an apprentice, or to sponsor, send an email to Terry@sustainablebackyardtour.com.

3 thoughts on “2013 Sustainable Backyard Tour – host registration

  1. I already signed up for this on a different website, I think. Could you please check your list to see if I am on it?

    James Stroup

  2. James, Wild Ones isn’t directly involved with the tour – I was just passing along the information with the idea that some of our readers might be interested in participating. I encourage you to e-mail Terry to see if you’re registered as a host.

  3. Hello! I wanted to say thanks for listing us on your blog, and give an update that one of the houses on the tour is also being listed for sale next week. You can see this sustainable house and yard at 6916 Bancroft Ave, St. Louis, 63109.
    We are being listed on the Sustainable Yard Tour, as well as being listed as a Green America Certified Business Location and Monarch Way Station Butterfly Habitat. We use a varity of MO Natives, utilize permaculture and other sustainable and eco friendly design. We are excited to be a part of the tour and are grateful for your support!

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