Big plastic pot…

chickadee in bird bubbler

Chickadee in bird bubbler
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by Betty Struckhoff

  • Big plastic pot —                        $25
  • 50′ Outdoor electrical cord —     $34
  • Pump —                                      $19
  • Watching birds at my bubbler —  Priceless!

Friends know I’m a lazy gardener.  So I dragged my feet on creating a bird bubbler for my yard.  But last year I finally gave in.  I kept it as simple as I could by using a big plastic pot from Walmart and running an extension cord, hidden under mulch, to an outdoor outlet.  Yes there is also a big rock but that cost about a buck and Scott at Shaw Nature Reserve drilled a hole for free after I took the bubbler class there.  I propped it up with some old paving stones that were lying around.

bird at bubbler

Who can tell me the name of this bird?

My visions of enjoying the birds from our front window were not to be.  Since we usually kept the blind shut, opening it up made for an unfamiliar situation and the birds didn’t hang around.  This year the bubbler is moving to the back yard where we’ll check out the view from our second story deck.

If you want to know more, just corner me at a meeting or give me a call.

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  1. It’s on my list . . . but I have no outlets on the outside of my house. So, first, electricity!

    Where did you get the rock?
    How often did you have to add water during the summer?

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