Campbell Montessori School grant application

Proposed site of a butterfly garden outside the classroom window

Planned location for the butterfly garden outside the classroom window

By Kathy Bildner

On Jan. 29, Wild Ones representatives Kathy Bildner, Ann Rankin Horton and Marsha Gebhardt visited the Campbell Montessori School in St. Charles.

The students from the school filled out a grant application for the national Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program. They are requesting $191.14 from Wild Ones to pay for a butterfly garden. They plan to construct it this spring on a hill outside their classroom window.

Students and teacher from Campbell Montessori School meet with Wild Ones members to discuss their grant proposal

Five Campbell Montessori students and their teacher, Miss Carroll, meet with Wild Ones representatives Marsha Gebhardt and Ann Rankin Horton to discuss their planned butterfly garden

We met with Mason, Kingsley, Simon, Shade, Thein (ages 9 and 10 years), and their teacher Miss Carroll. Sitting at a table in their classroom, we discussed native plants, colors, heights, moisture requirements, erosion control, favorite butterflies, etc. We suggested some alternative plants. The students researched these new plants in their reference books as we looked on. One student read his report on the life cycle of a butterfly as another was drawing a butterfly in his notebook.

We have recommended the board approve the grant application.

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