Mystery plant #2

By Susan Pletscher

Can anyone identify this plant with distinctive seeds?  It looks neat, but I need to know whether to pull it up or not before it drops seed.   I know that I have a definite weed next to it — like a thistle or something that is for sure going away.

Seeds on unknown plant

6 thoughts on “Mystery plant #2

  1. Could this be a Money Plant? I googled to find a good picture but can’t really tell.

  2. looks like Lepidium campestre or pepperweed
    open a seed and smell it, is should smell like pepper.

  3. If you look closely, you can see a water feature in the background – created by Chris Siewig of Nature’s Re-creations, host of our last meeting.

  4. I don’t know the name but it’s something I’ve seen often in my volunteer work at Museum of Transportation, in the sunny area, and I consider it a weed.

  5. Money plant for sure. Not native. The seeds look like a coin. Lovely purple flowers. Spreads.

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