Prairie Day – Sept. 20

By Marilyn Chryst

Vendors dressed in Pioneer-era clothes at a booth on Prairie Day“Follow the Herd to Prairie Day” is a great motto. Every other year, Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR) and Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) jointly sponsor Prairie Day. This year it’s Saturday, Sept 20th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SNR.

It’s a really fun day, especially for kids, although adults will have a great experience too. There will be activities about birds, weaving, atlatl throwing, and many others, all relating to the time of the settlers on the prairie. At the MDC areas, kids can earn wooden nickels for learning something, then spend them at the trading post for small toys, etc. I personally will be at the tepee talking about Indian life.

If you know SNR, the Prairie Day activities will be laid out between the Trail House and the Prairie. When you get near the Reserve there will be signs leading you down Robertsville Road to a large parking area, and walking directions from there. So, “Follow the Herd” and come on out to SNR that Saturday (Google map).