Seedling wrapping fun

Editor’s note: For the second year, Bill Brighoff hosted a seedling wrapping party in advance of our Earth Day give-away.  It has worked very well to wrap the seedlings ahead of time, rather than at the Earth Day booth.

By Diana Oleskevich

Wild Ones members with free seedlings at the 2013 Earth Day booth in Forest ParkYou may have missed it, but there’s another chance next year!  This was my first time to share in the “seedling wrap” afternoon at Bill’s house – what fun we had.  Bill was super-organized – he had shredded newspaper and big sheets pre-torn, plus an abundance of plastic bags and rubber bands to secure the baby Fragrant Sumac (Rhus aromatica) seedlings. Conversation was lively, the sun was warm and there were delicious goodies to share when the task was done.

I thought it would be daunting and probably a long afternoon, but no – time flew by as we talked about plants (of course) and a bit about life too and how we are so grateful.  I learned about past years at Earth Day with Wild Ones, and enjoyed the company.  Each of us did a little and together we finished 400 “wraps” – such a success. It was a good opportunity for me to laugh and learn, get to know Wild Ones folks better, and enjoy a productive afternoon in spring sunshine!