The Terpstra’s yard is highlighted in JOURNAL article

woman wearing glasses

Margy on her back porch, overlooking the trees full of birds

Margy and Dan Terpstra created and maintain one of the exceptional native-plant yards in the Saint Louis area. In the May/June/July 2016 edition of the Wild Ones JOURNAL, Barbara A. Schmitz, JOURNAL editor, wrote a two-page article on the Terpstra’s yard under the MEMBER YARDS column on page 14 of the electronic Flipbook version. The JOURNAL comes in two versions: Flipbook and PDF.

The article includes photographs and information on how they got started, water features, and wildlife. Also, the Terpstra’s have their own website where they document their experiences.

From the article, “The Terpstras said their reason for plantings is because it is the most sustainable thing one can do with a yard,” and Margy said, “The more you look, the more you’ll see when you start paying attention to nature. It is such a privilege to watch the essence of nature as it unfolds before you…”

The Terpstra yard was on the 2015 Native-Plant Garden Tour. Information on the 2016 Tour