7 thoughts on “What is it? #2

  1. I thought this was so beautiful. I had never noticed how the flower petals had a tube at each end and it went through a purple pentagon. This is only like this the first few days it is blooming. I am looking forward to the prairie monarda bloom to see if it is the same. Kathy Bildner

  2. MY camera is cheap. It is a canon, cost $145 new a few years ago.
    I like it because it is small and not heavy.
    I set it on the flower or macro setting.
    The trick is the plants must be absolutely still. Meaning no wind. And the photographer must be steady.
    The next trick is to use the automatic focus feature. It comes on all digital cameras.
    One may have to hit it several times to get a sharp image.
    Kathy Bildner

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