2012 Landscape Makeover — Fun!

by Betty Struckhoff

Saturday, September 22, was a gloriously beautiful day.  What better way to spend it than giving a young family a new front yard landscape of native plants.  Wild Ones members enjoyed installing the design created by our own Jeanne Cablish and who knew Scott Woodbury has stump hacking among his many talents!

We had terrific plant material from Missouri Wildflower Nursery and Shaw Nature Reserve, paid for by our landscape makeover partner, Grow Native!

It was a fun time for all.

Check out the photos.  Jeanne found a way to highlight a wonderful architectural feature of the house. Click any image for a larger version, then click that image to view the next one.

6 thoughts on “2012 Landscape Makeover — Fun!

  1. Looks great…since I have a great gardener’s imagination and can already see the grown plants. Soil is much nice than the rocky soil in my yard! Would love to know what kind of mulch you used?

    • We used an oak leaf compost. You can get it free at a lot of local municipalities. I know you can buy it at Kirkwood Material Supply. They call it Black Gold. Probably also have it at St. Louis Composting.

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