Mystery Plant – Update

White flowers of Eupatoria altissimum

Eupatorium altissimum

By Amy Redfield

At last, a follow-up to the Mystery Plant post of May 30, 2012. This photo was taken August 20. Turns out the pollinators love it! It has been identified as Eupatorium altissimum, known as tall thoroughwort, tall boneset or tall joepyeweed. Either way, it’s tall!

Many thanks to our webmaster, Brian Hall, for pointing out that it may have weedy or invasive tendencies. That’s the fastest way to get on my no-no list!

2 thoughts on “Mystery Plant – Update

  1. I love this plant! And so do pollinators. It goes well with all the other fall-blooming plants and doesn’t seem especially tall or particularly invasive in my native garden, not compared to other plants.

    Thanks for providing the name!

  2. I was just about to take a picture and submit it for this very plant when I got this email. The plants I have are not very tall, though, about 12-15 inches. And I didn’t see this until the fall. I wondered what it was and whether I should do anything about it. Now I know. Isn’t there a purple flowered version of this as well? Or something that looks like it anyway? Thanks for the post — good timing!

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