2013 Landscape Challenge Winner Announced

by Ed Schmidt

Future site of the 2013 Landscape Challenge

Site of the 2013 Landscape Challenge. Click for a larger image.

The winning property of this year’s Landscape Challenge has been chosen.  A team of Wild Ones members and a representative from Grow Native! processed the 13 applications and visited promising properties on a recent evening.  All applicants this year have participated in Audubon’s Bring Conservation Home program, and the homes were scattered from near I-270 in the north to near the Jefferson County line in the south.

The winning property is on Horner Avenue in St. Louis City.  Landscape designers on the evaluation team were influenced by the “blank slate” offered by this south-facing property.  BCH volunteers reported the front yard ideal for a prairie planting.  A low spot offers the possibility of a rain garden.

The planting date is scheduled for Saturday morning, September 21, and we’ll be looking for volunteers.  Stay tuned for more details as the date approaches.

3 thoughts on “2013 Landscape Challenge Winner Announced

  1. I’m honored and excited that my yard was chosen for this year’s challenge. Looking forward to the next steps 🙂
    – Dawn

  2. This is a great place. It is only a few blocks from my house.
    Kathy B

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