Museum of Transportation scavenger hunt

by Betty Struckhoff

people enjoying an evening in a prairie planting

On the trail of the tall compass plant

Wild Ones volunteers and young families enjoyed a lovely solstice eve at the Museum of Transportation on Thursday, June 20, 2013.   It was great fun to interact with the children searching out clues with parents or grandparents.  We had a small but enthusiastic turnout.

Scot Barnes shared his extraordinary knowledge of plant lore when the quiz answers were given.  And everyone, including volunteers got to take some plants home for their own landscape.

If you missed the evening and want to see the beautiful beds, please let me know.  I volunteer there every Thursday morning, so just call or email to let me know you are coming.  If Thursday morning doesn’t work, we can arrange another time.  I’m five minutes away.

Note: some photos by Neil Adams